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Disciplinary Action - Elder Calder wiht President Ballard

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Description: President Ballard opened the dual doors into his office, believing his top pull his chest as his arms spread wide. The top fit him perfectly, however he stretched his arms out he would feel his wide chest buck facing the bottoms of his own clothing. He did not mind, though. It made him feel strong and powerful. A reminder he was much better than many men, stronger and at control. Discretely and discreetly, the simple fact his clothing couldn't feature him. Nothing, but was good a reminder of the ability since the younger boy looking forward to him. Elder Calder stood at work, eyes fixed in the open doorway, kindly and eagerly awaiting President Ballard's arrival. Ballard might see his eyes glow if he watched him. It was a look he had gotten often times he was never sick and tired to becoming. The youthful boys he struck regularly diminished a little in his or her presence.
Models: Max Sargent
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