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A Shocking Discovery - Sean Duran, Jack Hunter

Duration: 27:10 Views: 4 303 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: After being taught to strap a tracking apparatus around his arm Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan has been made to carry out a string of bizarre sexual acts and struggles risk suffering a severe electric shock. The fun and games come to a sudden ending when Brent is awarded confidential usage of a dreadful live video feed revealing his helper Jack Hunter gagged and shackled from the rear part of a truck. A maniacal Sean Duran paddles Jack's big round buttocks and teases him with a electrical wand. Struggling to resist his swimmer's enormous penis, Duran puts on his knees. As the studs fuck and eat one another's heaps, Brent, watching home, has been jack and supplies a thick white bonus trophy due to his fans.
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