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Daddy's Good Boy - Manuel Skye, Tomas Brand

Duration: 42:05 Views: 6 835 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand both spent a fantastic day together, with every passing chemistry grew stronger and stronger. By the time that they get home and outside of these clothing, Manuel knows he is ready to shoot Tomas within his ass for the very first time. Manuel gets up his energy by fucking Tomas from the buttocks before finally committing in. Tomas laps Manuel's ass hole before softly easting his raw uncut penis indoors. Tomas Brand takes it easy in the beginning, but once Manuel's pit corrects,'' he moves into deeper and more demanding, demonstrating why Tomas could be the King of most Muscle Daddies and Manuel Skye picked him to base for... you don't need to overlook Manuel Skye's bottoming introduction!