Shacked Up - Darius Falke, Fred Faurtin, Victor Banda

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Description: TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke along with Victor Banda, together with Fred Faurtin At a sun drenched living room, TitanMen exclusive Darius Falke moves headtohead using Fred Faurtin by deftly deep throating that the Frenchman's exceptionally thick and protracted cock to the bottom of his balls. Eagerly rebounding up his head and down onto it, Darius is apparently holding his breath like a bass; he finally comes up for airhe awakens, gags and spits around Fred's beautifully well-proportioned penis. TitanMen exclusive Victor Banda, who has been seeing out for quite a while now, finally will get encouraged in with a serene appearance from Darius. The scruffy Spaniard is all-too-eager to interact to the intense skull-fucking session that is going on before him. After their cocks deftly worked, Victor and then Darius squirt their jizz around Fred, a trophy for having dutifully serviced them. Both reunite the favor from crouching before him because he pushes his load on them. As matters go from oral to anal, Victor chooses his place at the midst whilst the"Lucky Pierre" together with Fred facefucking him and Darius breaking open his smooth and helpless bum with his rock hard penis. After Victor's hungry ass milks a heavy load out of Darius' penis, Fred gets control of fucking him, Fred's fucked the cum wash outside of Victor.
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