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Electric Seven - Zack Acland, West, Parker Allen, Mason Lear, Brian Bonds, Aaron Burke, Avi Jacobs

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Description: Aaron Burke is 1 helluva sexy bloke. Our next Aussie (just how can we maintain lucking out using those studs?) , his accent and heavy, sensuous voice could melt you into a puddle of goo. Proving great things truly do come in smallish bundles, Avi Jacobs can be just a pocket sized pistol of a gender puppy. He is on the other hand, that I love, and sexy and solid as hell. Superior luck picking between hanging him picking him up and throwing him across the bed room. With a boy-next-door face such as Marty McFly, I'd really like to watch movie celebrity Brian Bonds dressed up in a vest and shoes, nothing else, even creating a porn parody of Back into the Future (Fuckture?) . Unfortunately, GuyBone does not make narrative pornography, and the Remainder of Brian is much more guy Across the Street compared to boy
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