BOUND PRISON Part 2: Officer DelRay has his Prisoners on Edge - Michael DelRay, Sebastian Keys

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Description: BOUND PRISON Part Two. Formerly newcomer Correctional Officer Michael DelRay had been jumped, fucked and divided by offenders on BOUND GODS. This time around that this stud muscle officer believes they could get it his way with all the offenders, but those guys have another idea in your mind. Sebastian Keys witnesses DelRay taking good advantage of Tony Orlando and out him. Both inmates opt to instruct this twisted officer a lesson and then tie him tight in rope bondage and then closed up him with duct tape. When Michael involves, all these offenders begin the fun. They torment DelRay and obtain his firm monster cock up into the border of cumming again and again. Michael yells in pain as his penis can scarcely take. It bigger while they blow off him and utilize toys which scarcely fit. Tony Orlando torments DelRay's Veiny monster cock and his giant chunks become extended and humiliated. Sebastian takes clothes pins and torments Michael's sensitive nipples. The 2 afterward learn DelRay is deeply ticklish and also the agony turns to extreme endurance. Finally after DelRay simply didnt take, the offenders slip his camera his huge gigantic thick load cum shot. This is simply not the ending of Officer DelRay's narrative only yet.