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Arad, The Manhandler - Teddy Bryce, Arad Winwin

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Description: Muscle-stud Teddy Bryce stands with his hands bound in leather cuffs, tied into the ceiling. He wriggles around, frantically awaiting Kink's sexy new muscle dom, Arad win-win to have his own way. Arad enters the spectacle confidant and shirtless, wearing black leather boots and pants, his enormous muscles protruding out of the leather harness. Arad softly walks behind Teddy and strikes him by having a competitive bear-hug away from supporting. He cleanses and cleanses Teddy's muscles subsequently dismisses his t shirt, exposing Teddy's ripped tattooed human body. Arad manhandles Teddy, spits in his own mouth, and then catches the harvest and slaps Teddy's bare skin hard. He destroys his nipples and tummy hard afterward cuts Teddy's panties off to plants his balls. Arad bends Teddy presses and over his leather crotch against Teddy's head and squeezes it around. He unbuttons his trousers, places a spider-gag at Teddy's mouth along with also face-fucks his submissive together along with his arms the ceiling. From the next picture, Teddy is hammered to a suspended metal desk, his human body jumped with arms outstretched. Arad provides hard sucks to Teddy's buttocks back, back, and stomach having a leather flogger. Then Arad gets on his knees and also attaches many clover moves to Teddy's ball bag, sucks on his penis, then flogs him a bit more. At the last scene, Teddy is about his back with his legs spread onto a steel desk and also Arad's penis is profound inside Teddy's buttocks, thumping off. Arad understands a electric cock stimulator and uses it around Teddy while he fucks himsending jolts of power during Teddy's cock that was hard. After Arad fucks the cum of Teddys penis, Arad feeds him their very own brand new load. Arad fucks him a lot longer and blasts his load over Teddy's face.