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Jays Tight Ass Pounded By Mars - Mars Rousseau, Jay Alexander

Duration: 20:25 Views: 2 590 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Mars Rousseau and Jay Alexander push their bodies along with their lips meet, kissing hard until Jay ventures down Mars's penis, preventing that enormous dick out of his trousers and carrying it between his lips. Gagging on this prick, he bends it as Mars develops tougher in his tongue before he gets Jay on the bed and also gets his turn into taste Jay's meat. Lay his mouth round that dickhe fills his mouth with cock and bends Jay thrusts his hips up to meet Mars's trained mouth. However, Jay is looking out for a treat when Mars turns him around and pulls to his head, mouth concealed between those around cheeks since he rims and bends Jay's tight hole. When Mars has heated up Jay's hole he traces up his cock using this clenched entry and pushes his way insidehis dick replenishing Jay's buttocks as Jay kneels on the bed and also carries everything. Moaning softly as Mars fucks himJay gets on his rear get fucked at another position but prevent Mars from beating him deep and hard, his balls bouncing softly against Jay's buttocks as Jay plays himself until he cums. Begging for Mars to cum Jay gets his Assfucked just a little longer before Mars can not take anymore of tight nuts and hole throughout Jay.
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