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Description: Watching his roomie Zander B in the dumps, Dante Martin discovers it's Zander's birthday and not one of his friends bothered to keep in mind. Zander is moping but Dante believes he has only the exceptional surprise which could turn this party round, and he immediately returns with a can of whipped cream and nothing else, save due to his hard dick staring up in Zander. Zander tells him he is astonished as Dante tells him ahead blow his candle out. Zander creates a wish and sucks, taking Dante's cock down his throat because he takes his clothes off. Dante returns the favor before requesting Zander if he is ready to get cake. Zander is confounded until Dante lays down him and stays on his face, then spraying on the whipped cream around his pit and also telling him Zander to dig up out in. Zander can not wait patiently, thankfully diving face first in to Dante's crack, tongue fucking Dante's hole since Dante strokes off him. Dante immediately gets into the mood to fuck Zander around, perching his bum high in the atmosphere as Dante plunges his penis deep inside. He supplies Zander the birthday bang of his entire lifetime, fucking him the bed until Zander finally spits his load. Dante brings out and gives one final gift- a huge jizz bathtub - which leaves Zander fulfilled and feeling better about his big moment.. View party pairing - dante martin, zander b hd as completely free. Gay xxx party pairing - dante martin, zander b video. PornStar - Dante Martin. Zander B.
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