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Description: Aspen won't let his girlfriend take his credit card to go shopping. She offers him a blindfolded blowjob and takes his card when he's not looking, leaving the tattooed hunk with his pants down and his dick out, waiting for a blowjob that might never come. Luckily, when the tall, athletic Jackson Traynor comes across his straight roommate blindfolded and begging for a blowjob, he doesn't hesitate to give Aspen what he's waiting for. When Aspen realizes those aren't his girlfriend's lips around his thick dick, he's surprised but sure enough it's not long before his legs are in the air and Jackson's huge cock is all the way inside him. The two muscular hotties flip-flop fuck until they've both shot their loads all over Jackson's chest.. View surprise dick - aspen, jackson traynor hd as completely free. Gay xxx surprise dick - aspen, jackson traynor video. PornStar - Aspen. Jackson Traynor.
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