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Bare Bedfellows, Scene 2 - Beno Eker, Lior Hod, Ron Negba

Duration: 26:29 Views: 4 021 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Horny Fans, Beno Eker and Lior Hod, Come in a Mood That Was Provocative. Not happy with the company of eachother from the sack, they choose to text their partner, Ron Negba, to check if he'd love to combine them. Works out, the wellhung beaut is just a couple doors later on, supping tea into his own garden; however, it's not going to surprise you to understand so on around at his pals' house and linking them involving your sheets. Of this time the actions between these 3 over excited pups begins enormous style; with a uncontrolled display of fellatio from many quarters, since the trio take turns in giving head in an assortment of places before falling to a daisy chain three-way. Each of that leads us well to Negba becoming the key focalpoint of their actions; together with Hod greedily rimming the person's bald pucker, until he and Eker move to nearly fuck that the heebie jeebies from their bad fellow. Do not feel too sorry for him. Negba's obviously in rapture because he rebounds off both cocks then culminating in him hammering a generous wad all over their belly. However, it is the sight of both Hod and Eker fingering his arse once they will have white washed his unborn small pucker that basically seals the price!
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