BONUS SET FULL CONTACT - Jose Quevedo, Tonny Scott

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Description: Jose Quevedo and Tonny Scott star in a bonus scene today. With a rich abundance of fruits placed before them, Tonny Scott and Jose Quevedo give way their wildest and juiciest fantasy. As they indulge and cover their bodies with the juices of the fruits, Jose runs his hard cock up the length of the ripe papaya forcing the seeds to burst forth. When his cock leaps from the papaya, Tonny is there to suck and savor the richness of the juice on his cock. Tonny squeezes the juice from an orange onto his cock for Jose to taste the tart orange flavor with the sweet nectar of his own cock. The banana is always a fruit of sexual choice and Tonny begins to pry Jose’s ass open with the bright yellow fruit. With the majority of the banana inside of Jose, Tonny leans in and peals the other end and starts eating until he reaches the sweet taste of Jose’s pink pucker hole. Tonny uses the soft masticated banana to meld the flavors of banana and sweet ass together as he eats away at Jose’s furry ass. With the mixture of banana and saliva from Tonny’s tongue he lunges his cock forward and deep into Jose’s fruit flavored ass.. View BONUS SET FULL CONTACT - Jose Quevedo, Tonny Scott hd as completely free. Gay xxx BONUS SET FULL CONTACT - Jose Quevedo, Tonny Scott video. PornStar - Jose Quevedo. Tonny Scott.
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