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Brian's Sling Shoot - Brian Bonds, Josh Connors

Duration: 21:21 Views: 1 595 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Brian Bonds shows Josh Connors his studio setup, with a new sling gleaming in the middle. They kiss as Brian deftly slips off Josh's shirt, then Josh does the same. After nibbling on each others' nips, they unbuckle belts and slide down their shorts. Brian's impressive 8 incher is already stiff and ready for action, the nearby camera there catching every juicy stroke as Josh slurps it down. After getting his dick and balls licked and worshipped, Brian is ready for more. He bends Josh over the sling and buries his face in the hot bobbing hole in front of it. His wet cock practically slips into Josh as Brian slides up and down his buddy's hot spit-slicked crack. Good boy Brian waits till the condom is on before he lets loose and pounds into Josh's thristy ass. He pulls out his camera to get some closeup shots of the in and out.
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