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Le Garçon Scandaleux Part 5 - Sean Ford, Paul Delay

Duration: 39:37 Views: 8 870 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: The city of love & romance casts its spell on the unlikely target of cynical, sarcastically witty Sean Ford! After picking up flirty Paul Delay at the sex club, they go on a late night stroll on the streets of Paris and Sean confesses to himself his own hopeless romantic nature. But it's when Paul takes him home that Sean slowly removes the mask. In his flat Paul's sweet words and delicious kisses and his seductive and slow foreplay melt Sean's heart well as harden his cock. Just undressing and necking in the mirror gets them both so excited that they have to act. Face to face, they jerk each other's cocks until Paul goes down on Sean and sucks him off. Sean rewards him with a facial and helps Paul get off. End of hook-up? No, Sean spends the rest of the night sleeping in Paul's bed.
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