RAW RAUNCHY - Nikol Monak, Alan Hemar

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Description: Doctor Nikol Monak has Alan Hemar in for his Czech Up. He start to examine Alan, starting with his mouth and neck. Nikol's fingers check Alan's neck and feel down his back. Then Alan removes his tee shirt and sits on the table. Nikol listens to Alan's chest with the stethoscope. But Nikol has other things on his mind and he overpowers Alan. He places a hood over Alan's head and shackles his wrists and ankles. Then Nikol begins to whip Alan with his belt. He removes the hood showing that Alan is also gagged. Then Nikol opens his pants and pulls out his hard cock. He removes Alan's gag so he can shove his fat cock in that mouth. He slaps Alan's face and pushes his big hard cock into the mouth. Nikol fucks his cock deep into Alan's mouth, and slaps it against his face. Nikol wanks himself too and keeps slapping at Alan's face and chest as he makes him suck the cock and balls.
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