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Description: Kurtis Wolfe and Trent King take their lunch break and when Kurtis bites into his burger, he's disappointed with the amount of meat between his buns. Lunch will be saved, though, because Kurtis has a solution to bring more meat to the table. Kurtis eyes Trent's bulging crotch and goes in for a taste of what's underneath Trent's jeans. Kurtis takes the entire monster cock down his throat and gags as he goes all the way to the base. It's almost too much for Kurtis to swallow so he bends over to give it a shot with his other hole. Trent shoves his raw cock inside Kurtis from behind and plugs away on the hungry stud.. View raw construction - kurtis wolfe, trent king hd as completely free. Gay xxx raw construction - kurtis wolfe, trent king video. PornStar - Kurtis Wolfe. Trent King.
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