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Description: Scott Riley is sitting in the locker room and we can tell he is bummed out when Ricky Larkin walks in wearing only a towel. Beneath the towel, we can tell him is sporting a big hard cock and as he strikes up a conversation with Scott, the two talk about Scott not feeling great about his body and lack of big muscles. But, Scott cannot keep his eyes off Ricky's hard on under his towel. Soon Ricky drops the towel and Scott is on his knees sucking the big cock. He tries his best to deep throat it but struggles to get it all down his throat. Ricky then sucks Scott as he strokes his own big cock.. View unrealized gains - ricky larkin, scott riley hd as completely free. Gay xxx unrealized gains - ricky larkin, scott riley video. PornStar - Ricky Larkin. Scott Riley.
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