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The Good Slave: Tough built boy Brian Bonds returns - Sebastian Keys, Brian Bonds, Mason Lear

Duration: 55:01 Views: 3 159 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Constructed servant Brian Bonds yields to function your house, along with also Master Sebastian Keys is prepared to place this difficult servant to the evaluation. Brian is placed in chains and also told to put on 2 buckets in his torso. Sebastian adorns Brian's nipples using interlocking clamps and adds additional weights into Brian's buckets. Since Brian's arms, Sebastian fixes a lineup of clover clamps across Brian's upper arms to keep up his arms. Sebastian knows a servant like Brian will not move readily, therefore he breaks from the zapper. He zaps Brian anyplace until Brian is trembling. His entire body shakes as he struggles to carry his buckets up. Next, Brian is chained, blind folded, and about all fours because he functions your home gimp. Drool escapes out of his mouth since he deepthroats the gimp's cock. The gimp fucks his face as Sebastian employs a cat of nine tails onto his vulnerable buttocks. Finally Brian is wear his spine therefore that the gimp may use his bum. Since he has pummeled by gimp penis, Sebastian sets closepins between his feet on his own feet. Subsequently Sebastian brings about the zapper back to zap Brian's feet that are sensitive. Finally, Brian is attracted to his knees and also controlled to cum Sebastian's boot. Since he jerks his penis, the gimp stands to cum his face. Brian blows his load over Sebastian's boot and then gimp cums around his face. Brian blows off the gimp's prick off and bends down to lap his mess up Sebastian's boot such as a fantastic slave.