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Description: We have a wonderful bonus set with Max Duro and Viktor Rom. They are both coming off of their big wins at the 2018 Prowler Awards and now want to tackle some of their Dark Desires. In the dimly lit room the master awaits his submissive with full leather mask, leather jock strap and a desire to dominate. Our submissive enters the room in full anticipation of what is to come and what will be. No words are exchanged as Viktor gestures Max into a submissive position on his knees. Max begins to lick at the leather cod piece as it strains to hold its contents. Max is pushed away but grabs onto the leather jock and peels away the cod piece to reveal Viktor’s huge, throbbing cock. Max leans in and can smell the musk of the mixture of leather and sweat, as the aroma fills his nasal cavity his mouth automatically begins to consume Viktor’s cock.. View bonus set raunchy - max duro, viktor rom hd as completely free. Gay xxx bonus set raunchy - max duro, viktor rom video. PornStar - Max Duro. Viktor Rom.
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