Hot Tub Hookup - Scott Riley, Vadim Black

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Description: Vadim Black and Scott Riley are outside standing next to the Hot Tub at their vacation rental discussing the fact that although the weather is nice outside, it is way too cold to go to the beach. So, Vadim gets naked and climbs into the Hot Tub and Scott follows suit. Once inside the tub, they share some awkward small talk about each other and their bodies. Scott then makes the move on Vadim and the two are soon making out passionately. As Vadim stands up he reveals his hard cock and Scott starts sucking him. Loving the blow-job, but realizing the air outside the hot water is very cold Vadim says they should go inside to finish.. View Hot Tub Hookup - Scott Riley, Vadim Black hd as completely free. Gay xxx Hot Tub Hookup - Scott Riley, Vadim Black video. PornStar - Scott Riley. Vadim Black.
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