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Description: Often times, when men have successfully ascended the ranks of The Order, they forget what it means to be sexuallysubmissive. Usually,President Lewis is exercising his authority over young missionary boys, teaching them that their bodies were created to please the powers that be. But today, he must revisit his humble roots and remember that he too must submit to the ultimate sovereignty of The Order. President Skye and Bishop Manwaring are the two priests charged with sodomizing President Lewis during the sacramental ceremony. But while this type of discipline would usually occur within the ranks of The Order, the priests have invited young Elder Ence to take part. By joining them in their conquest of the strong President Lewis, Elder Ence is shown that he too may be able to earn a membership in The Order and wield all the sexual power that comes with it.. View president lewis - the sacrament hd as completely free. Gay xxx president lewis - the sacrament video. PornStar - Michael Delray.
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