Squirting into Brodie - Joseph Banks, Brodie Ramirez

Duration: 29:54 Views: 378 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: Nibbling at Brodie's neck and holding him by the shoulders, Joseph pounds his ass from behind. His balls slap against Brodies smooth tight bottom. They turn so Brodie can ride on Banks' big cock, his own stiff woody bouncing with every bump and grind. Finally slowing down and ready to take a break, Brodie lies next to Joseph with one leg jacked up and his ass open wide. Banks holds his thigh and plows in to own that hot booty. When Brodie begs for a load, Banks pulls out and squirts thick streams of sperm that run down his crack and onto his balls. He pushes inside and slides the puddles of cum down around the hole, then licks it all up. Brodie wants to give Joseph a bit of dick therapy and pounds into his ass, squirting his own juicy DNA on and into Joseph's hungry hole.
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