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Description: It’s Cory Kane’s turn to take Sean Ford’s challenge of hooking up the old school way while in Paris...a blind date with American model Damian Grey! It’s set up by Sean himself whose brief encounter with flirty Southern model Damian on a photo shoot gives him the idea for the match-up. Later when they meet, Damian has no interest in small talk as he unzips Cory’s pants and sucks him to full hardness in no time. He keeps going, only stopping to make out and strip down. Soon they’re both naked and Cory gives Damian the same hungry cocksucking and in short order he turns him around to give him a deep slobbering rimming of his hairy hole. Cory replaces his mouth with his cock and teases Damian briefly before sliding hin and giving him the deep fucking he’s craving. Cory goes faster, widening Damien’s hole until he tells him to sit on his cock and ride him. Thrusting up into Damian Cory owns his ass and orders him to the bed.. View le garçon scandaleux part 2 - cory kane, damian grey hd as completely free. Gay xxx le garçon scandaleux part 2 - cory kane, damian grey video. PornStar - Cory Kane. Damian Grey.
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