Hard Cheats - Jamie Steel, Hunter Smith

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Description: When Hunter Smith comes home, he can sense something is off with his boyfriend, Jamie Steel. Jamie is acting suspicious, especially when Hunter asks him about the shirt on the ground. He tells Jamie it doesn't smell like him, and asks if he's been cheating. Jamie doesn't seem to have an answer, and Hunter weighs his options: leave Jamie immediately, or give him one last taste of what he'll soon be missing. Hunter decides on the latter, kissing Jamie hard as they fumble out of their clothes. Both naked, he falls to his knees and wraps his luscious lips around Jamie's cock, deep throating him as Jamie moans with pleasure. Jamie bends Hunter over on the sofa and tongues his hole, eating his ass as Hunter closes his eyes and enjoys every moment of it. Jamie replaces his tongue with the tip of his cock, teasing Hunter's hole before plunging it in slowly.. View Hard Cheats - Jamie Steel, Hunter Smith hd as completely free. Gay xxx Hard Cheats - Jamie Steel, Hunter Smith video. PornStar - Hunter Smith. Jamie Steel.
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