Football Besties - Logan Cross, Mickey Knox

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Description: In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox... Logan Cross and Mickey Knox just finished football practice and still have plenty of energy to burn. They head back to Mickey's house to have a little fun before Logan has to be home. They used to chill like this all the time but last year Mickey changed schools and now they play for different teams. Today was a joint practice between the two football teams and they got to play together for the first time this year. The scrimmage went well but both Logan Cross and Mickey Knox are more excited about getting back to Mickey's place so they can catch up and relax a little bit. Logan Cross knows Mickey has a thing for feet and decides to prop his right into his lap just to see what will happen. Mickey goes for them almost immediately. He sucks on Logan's toes as he massages the soles with his thumbs. Mickey licks Logan's feet from heal to toe repeatedly until his cock rock hard with anticipation.
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