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Description: Home visiting for a couple of days, Dante Martin is very intrigued by the young hire his father has brought on to take care of the house. Hoss Kado seems trustable, but it's not like Dante's father to bring someone in like this without really knowing him. But what really intrigues him about Hoss is the fact that he's giving off a serious flirty vibe to Dante, and so when Dante finds out Hoss hasn't befriended anyone in town, he asks if he wants to hang. Hoss accepts, and exactly one movie later, the two of them are in Dante's room getting to know each other a lot more in depth.. View privileged pounding - dante martin, hoss kado hd as completely free. Gay xxx privileged pounding - dante martin, hoss kado video. PornStar - Dante Martin. Hoss Kado.
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