Shower Seduction - Aspen, Dax Carter

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Description: Dax is shooting a shower at the gym once Aspen walks and so they hit up a little talk. Aspen talks concerning just the way huge Dax's muscles really are and Dax answers that Aspen's penis is quite as striking because it's enormous even soft. Then he makes a go ahead Aspen and wishes to see what size it develops. He drops to his knees and starts sucking on Aspen until it develops big and hard. Aspen subsequently plays Dax's big meaty buttocks and finger fucks him for a while before standing and fucking him profound together along with his huge cock. They go to a floor at which Aspen has been fuck Dax with each push of the huge cock, Dax cries louder and louder with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Both take fine tons of cum.
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Models: Aspen Dax Carter