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Shower Studs - Aiden Woods, Dominic Pacifico

Duration: 22:47 Views: 1 975 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Aiden Woods is soaking his lean, handsome bod in a hot shower when Dominic enters. They kiss and Dominic flexes his big bicep for Aiden to lick and sniff his pits. He grabs Aiden by the scruff of the neck to grind his face into the sweaty pit, tells him to spit on it. Aiden drops to his knees and takes all of Dominic's uncut meat down his hungry throat. Stroking with his hand as he catches a breath, Aiden slobbers on the knob and gets it good and juicy. Tough top Dominic leans back and slaps Aiden around the face with uncut Latin cock. Aiden licks the sides and then gets his mouth into position to get a wet shower facefuck. Dominic sits on the shower floor and takes a big slurp of Aiden into his throat before getting busy fucking. He rolls on a condom and lets Aiden sits on his lap to take it all in. Bracing himself with a hand on Dominic's meaty thigh, Aiden grinds down onto the hot hard cock. Dominic grabs both cheeks and slides Aiden back and forth while he groans his approval.
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