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Description: As he makes his way up the stairs to his apartment, Elye Black senses someone is following him. Hiding in a shaft, he pounces out on the guy following to confront his stalker, but he's quickly taken aback by the handsome stud in front of him. Turns out, Quentin Gainz has been following Elye since the gym, and was just too shy to say anything til now. Elye smiles and tells Quentin his apartment is upstairs, and that Quentin can just follow him all the way up. They smile and quickly make their way to Elye's bedroom, where shy Quentin comes out of his shell and suddenly takes control, telling Elye how he likes it as Elye sucks him off.. View gym stalker: on the move - quentin gainz, elye black hd as completely free. Gay xxx gym stalker: on the move - quentin gainz, elye black video. PornStar - Elye Black. Quentin Gainz.
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