Business Boys - Donte Thick, David Rose

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Description: With his finances now in order thanks to accountant David Rose, Donte Thick is looking to diversify his portfolio, and at the top of his list is to invest in someone smart, charming and sexy. David thinks that could be a good idea, so he tells Donte to go for it. Donte does, grabbing David by the waist and pulling him closer. David responds by rewarding Donte's risky strategy with a long hard kiss, and shortly after, the two of them make their way out of their clothes and onto the sofa. Once there, David shows his flexibility is not just in the financial field, as he spreads his legs wide for Donte's meaty cock. Donte gives him the business in every way, fucking him from behind and beneath before spreading David's legs and pounding him until he's ready to lose his nut.. View Business Boys - Donte Thick, David Rose hd as completely free. Gay xxx Business Boys - Donte Thick, David Rose video. PornStar - David Rose. Donte Thick.
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