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Scene 4 from Raw Dogging: A Quick Breeding - Blaze Austin, Roman Maverick

Duration: 10:21 Views: 3 999 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: Real life partners BLAZE AUSTIN and ROMAN MAVERICK asked if they could fuck for me and since I’m not crazy, I immediately said yes, c’mon over. I know Blaze as a super bottom in his own right, so I jumped at the chance to see his fat frat cock fucking power bottom Roman. Horny and eager to show off, Blaze and Roman go at each other with Blaze bossing Roman around, having his joystick sucked, then eating the ass and inspecting the hole that he is going to mount and use. Did I mention Blaze’s thick hard dick? Ass to mouth, dick to hole, fucking and riding – these two lovers show us what it must be like to be a fly on the wall of their bedroom when Blaze has cum in his balls and needs a good warm place to put it in.
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