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Czech Bareback - Pip Caulfield, Justin Saradon

Duration: 22:09 Views: 7 418 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Fifty shades of Pip. Last week featured Pip in an animalistic, al fresco scene partnered with the big-dicked Magyar Joel Birkin. Today he is back indoors for a romantic and tender scene with another Peter Pan Czech- Justin Saradon. At the time this scene was filmed, Pip had only been with us a month and Justin was a two year veteran thus acting as Pip’s “coach”. It’s evident that Pip savored every moment of their “training” session as the two Peter Pans bring each other to a blissful cum-kissing Neverland. It’s small wonder that Pip decided to stay after this. While he can’t say he’ll never get old- he can say he’ll never stay horny.
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