the bareback fuck and prostate massage - Nick Vargas, Tom Uli

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Description: After a full day of giving twinks what they want, all Nick Vargas can think of is kicking back for a rest but he's got one more massage. When Tom Uli appears and Nick sees the handsome, sexy and innocent-looking twink, the dark-haired hunk is immediately at attention! With his hands slippery with oil, as well as his juicy cock, Nick wastes little time in burying his uncut tool in Tom's tiny puckered entrance. You can even hear that little splurt sound when he pushes the head of his raw cock past the ring to give Tom the bareback fuck and prostate massage he so richly deserves. The tattooed blond holds his own ass cheeks apart so Nick can go deeper but after a while, since this isn't about Nick getting off, the toned, handsome hunk rolls Tomo over and gives the smooth hottie a blowjob, sucking him until he's close.
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