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Czech Bareback - Marc Ruffalo, Maori Mortensen

Duration: 17:46 Views: 6 039 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Maori Mortensen is back for his 2nd scene here at BelAmi, this time with experienced lover, Marc Ruffalo. Today Maori is very excited that he passed an exam at school (he doesn't tell us if he's a straight A student, but judging by his level of excitement at passing...) and a very horny Marc decides that he deserves a reward for the achievement. The reward turns out to be a luxurious blowjob followed by a good and long fuck. So far both of Maori's scenes have been as a bottom, so you'll need to tell us if you would also like to see him putting his big dick to use as a top as well and we'll make sure we schedule it as his next scene.
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