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Bray's Breakfast Booty - Bray Muse, Kurtis Wolfe

Duration: 20:14 Views: 1 421 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Bray Muse is making coffee and breakfast for boyfriend Kurtis Wolfe, and Kurtis asks for a "bit of cream" with his morning java. THey kiss and Kurtis slaps Bray's jockstrapped ass. Bray licks his tight abs and hairy chest, massages his thick crotch till the big hairy dick pops out of his shiny black pajama bottoms. He takes Kurtis into his hungry mouth and swallows halfway to the root. Bray lifts one leg up on the kitchen counter so Kurtis can bury his face in the hot musky ass crack.
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