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Solo Guy - Tenzin

Duration: 14:32 Views: 1 206 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: Tenzin is a 21-year-old gay guy. He likes all kinds of guys, mostly hung since he likes to bottom. He was a quiet guy, so I didn't learn much from him. He did say he likes to watch bondage or aggressive porn, but really didn't partake of it personally. He gets-off seeing a Bottom dominated. Tenzin was nervous to start with, but he gets his cock hard easily, while his cheeks and a face turn red the more turned-on he gets. His cock is about 6 inches but very thick. For his own cum shot, I put on a compilation of creampies, but when that didn't work, I tossed on a video of Cooper Reed and Jeremiah fucking Antonio, and as soon as Cooper Reed nutted over Antonio's hole, Tenzin busts his own load!
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