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Winter Break vol. 3: Team Mates - Trevor Harris, Julian Bell

Duration: 39:27 Views: 8 108 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: With only a few days left before their big winter break getaway, Julian Bell and Trevor Harris grab some grub at Julian’s place after soccer practice. Both ballers are straight; BUT, Bell’s penchant for handling balls hasn’t subsided since practice so, he tests his teammate with some heavy flirting. At first, the feisty fella is shot down; however, Harris IS in high school and, at that age, if the wind blows hard he’ll be horny in no time. A few failed attempts, a light make out session and even a parental interruption can't keep these two from testing the waters further; and, they finally give into temptation. The hurdles only make the hotties’ hook up sweeter as they savor one another’s salty sweetness up in Bell’s bedroom. Julian thoroughly enjoys their long overdue lip lock and lets Harris know by making his way down south to continue the slobber session on his huge, horse cock. After a mega mouthful, he politely asks his “straight” buddy if he’s down to return the favor; and, much to his delight Trevor is down on his knees sucking dick in no time. Wanting to explore further, Bell turns his teammate around and buries his face is his buddy’s beautifully smooth backside. Trevor’s first time with a tongue in his tush is a dream; and, before he knows it, Bell’s slipping his bareback boner deep in his hungry hole.
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