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Description: Milan Neros and Tomas Berger are paired in a submission wrestling match. They start off in very skimpy underwear, and on an extremely slippery surface. They slide all over the place as they grapple with each other, getting the underwear pulled off in the process. Then, naked, they grapple with each other trying to gain a good hold. The first point is quickly awarded to Milan. They look so hot as they are both all striving to gain a hold. Their bodies are coated in the oil from the mats as they roll around trying to get a decent hold. Cocks flail and asses spread giving great views, and Tomas gains his first point. Then they pause to oil each other all over.. View wrestling - milan neros, tomas berger hd as completely free. Gay xxx wrestling - milan neros, tomas berger video. PornStar - Milan Neros. Tomas Berger.
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