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Bare Bedfellows, Scene 1 - Joel Tamir, Peter Aalen

Duration: 24:25 Views: 6 007 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Handsome newcomer, Peter Aalen, demonstrably does not quite have the joke if his pal,'' Joel Tamir, offers to sketch an image of him up drawing on a stick man. It hastens the proud man's art; however he finds himself Tamir, he soon defeats the indignity. And little miracle, needless to say. Afterall, Aalen's sharing the covers of those best-hung boys in the biz at this time; and with enjoyed Tamir slip his sexy lips along his meaty shaft, then Aalen is shortly copying the favour on Tamir's oversize penis. With a ramrod such as that online offer, that the fuck could blame him? Tamir's thick, thick aching shaft is a dream-come-true; though it is shortly until the newcomer is turning attention into his spouse's hairless pucker, he before yanking every inch of their very own weapon deep to Tamir's courage. This marks the beginning of a significant, no-holds-barred fuck-fest, that sees that the sexy butt banged in a complete collection of places -- most especially reverse-cowboy. A display curtailed just by Tamir squirting furiously on himself mid-fuck; until Aalen requires it a wrapping by dumping off a thick burst over Tamir's lips the camera again below!
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