Sweet Red Head Ethan Gets All His Holes Fucked By Ricky

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Description: Legs spread on the bed, Ethan lets Ricky enter him raw, that fat hard prick stretching Ethan’s ass to the limit as Ricky gets balls deep inside of him, pounding him hard and then turning him face down on the bed. Ethan’s sweet ass jiggles as Ricky thrusts into him, filling him up with his long shaft as Ricky grabs Ethan’s hair and pulls hard, dominating him as his balls slap against Ethan’s taint. On all fours, Ethan bottoms for Ricky and strokes himself as Ricky’s bareback prick slams into him over and over until Ricky fucks the cum out of Ethan and then pulls out to release his jizz across that sore ass.
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