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Scene 1 from RAW DOGGING - Pump And Double Dump

Duration: 7:31 Views: 2 006 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: NUTSDEEPBB is a life-long Treasure Island Media fan. He doesn’t seem to know that he has a few fans of his own from his online breeding exploits. Which makes perfect sense since he learned from the best – TIM movies. I have never had so many people contact me as I did after word got out I met NutsdeepBB. He came in and filmed a Bruthaload and I knew there was no way I couldn’t get him fucking on camera. We had JASON COX set up taking anonymous loads for So You Wanna Be A Cumdump 2. I don’t think there is anything that NutsDeep likes more than a cummy hole. He hadn’t shot a load in 4 or 5 days when he walked in and watched Jason taking his 3rd load of the day. Nutsdeep slid right in and lived up to his name - dumping his cum balls deep in Jason’s ass. But he wasn't finished – the whole thing turned him on so much – or maybe he’s just a horny dog. He keeps fucking until he breeds Jason a second time without barely every pulling out.
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