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Description: Ben Masters gets to know Nico Leon and gleefully shows the newcomer his dominant side with a raw power fuck! At first though, they engage in slow & sensuous making out which leads to Nico taking out Ben's cock and sucking him. He makes all the right moves in hitting Ben's pleasure points and putting him a state of sexual bliss with his deep-throating. Ben shows he has the right moves too as he bends over Nico in the bedside chair, rims his hot ass, and gives him a pleasure high. A very vocal Nico wants his cock inside him but Ben eats his ass a bit longer before sliding his raw cock in and pounding him deep. Slow and fast they both reach a synchronized ecstasy and get there again when Ben takes Nico on his back.. View raw - ben masters, nico leon hd as completely free. Gay xxx raw - ben masters, nico leon video. PornStar - Ben Masters. Nico Leon.
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