Joshua fucks Sam's sweet ass - Joshua & Sam Thomas

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Description: Joshua has had a long day but the beefy hunk has another client. Tall and handsome Sam Thomas walks in for his massage and Joshua immediately gets to work. He applies oil to Sam's supple back. Then, his hands slippery with oil, the masseuse gets to work. He's soon pulling down Sam's cute little shorts, exposing what the twink needs massaged most. His hot ass! After kneading the plump buttocks, Joshua gets Sam to flip over and wastes no time in sucking his yummy cock. Except the smooth twink wants some dick of his own. The handsome twink wraps his lips around Joshua's slightly curved, meaty slab and starts sucking, spit-lubing it and priming it for his already slick hole. Joshua fucks Sam's sweet ass, making the bareback bottom moan like a bitch in heat until they're both ready to pump out a couple of hot messy loads!
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Models: Sam Thomas Joshua