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Description: Sexy and handsome Dan Sirek is shackled, back to front, on a chair. He is gagged and blindfolded too, with his ass exposed in his jockstrap. He tormentor arrives and feels that sexy ass and then runs his crop all over Dan's hot body. The crop flick the ass a little and then the heavy hands spank it hard. The hands rub over the ass and spank hard. Then they spread the cheeks to check the tight hole tool. The ass is spanked hard and Dan jerks as he feels it. That ass looks so good as the hands keep spanking it. The the riding crop is used on it too. The shaft is rubbed up and down the crack and over the hot hole. Then the jockstraps are pulled up into that crack as the ass is spanked some more. The ass cheeks colour up nicely as the hands keep spanking. Then the whip is used on the ass, making Dan jerk as it lands.. View spanking - dan sirek hd as completely free. Gay xxx spanking - dan sirek video. PornStar - Dan Sirek.
Models: Dan Sirek
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