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SNIFF: Sneak and Stuff - Brandon Wilde

Duration: 17:33 Views: 1 267 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: He licks and sniffs someone's mislaid sneaker, then finds a dildo somebody stashed in a locker for safekeeping. He stuffs his throat with soft rubber cock, then stands it on the bench and slathers with lube. Soon he's stuffing his hungry ass while he sniffs the sneaker, perched on the bench with both feet. Jacking with one hand and sniffing with the other, Brandon is on the edge of exploding with cum. Hovering a few inches above the bench, he finds the spot where the dildo head presses on his prostate just right, jerks his load into the sneaker. He didn't get caught this time, but can't say it wasn't fun!
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Models: Brandon Wilde
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