Episode 6: Fitness Fuckers - Alex Chu, Sir Jet

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Description: Alex continues to be directing a number of his friends through work out routines, yet this time around he may have met his game - blonde, handsome Sir Jet is more stronger, more muscular and knows his way across the gymnasium. He is very likely to show a thing or 2 to the teacher, in and outside of this work. They start using a pair of some squats and push ups Alex asserts to need out of being sweaty, to remove his top. Jet offers"Perhaps I could do something positive about this" and moves to kiss Alex. He peels his shorts off and shows that a ripped body as the alabaster statue. Both guys are set to have sweaty... After both muscle-men exchange blow jobs, Jet happens to all fours and spreads his feet wide apart as Alex erupts into rim his own pink hole that is perfect. He groans with pride as his bum has plowed with the enthusiastic cock of Alex. Alex catches ahold of dives and each muscle cheek.. View Episode 6: Fitness Fuckers - Alex Chu, Sir Jet hd as completely free. Gay xxx Episode 6: Fitness Fuckers - Alex Chu, Sir Jet video.
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