Incredible - Parker Logan, Marco Napoli

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Description: One of Parker Logan's friends showed him a clip. It was of Marco Napoli talking smack, specifically, calling Parker a pussy. We didn't get to see the clip before filming since Marco pulled it, but we wish we had. It would have explained the bearded, tattooed, hung fucker's attitude when he placed a gimp mask on Marco, then sat, thinking of ways to make a point... with his cock! Parker eventually removed the mask and put Marco through his paces. He presented his cock for Marco to suck, then rimmed his hairy, hungry ass, lubing the hole with spit and priming it for a raw fuck.. View Incredible - Parker Logan, Marco Napoli hd as completely free. Gay xxx Incredible - Parker Logan, Marco Napoli video. PornStar - Marco Napoli. Parker Logan.
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