How We Roll - Sam Barclay, Seth Knight

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Description: He’s safe for a moment, Sam can’t find him all the way back in the rear seats… but then he’s been spotted. “What the fuck are you doing in the bosses car?!” Seth doesn’t know what to say, he’s been caught red handed! Sam assesses the situation and decides that it doesn’t look like a bad idea after all. Not only will he join him but gets in there and sucks his dick! They taste each others cocks in comfortable back seats swapping over, kissing and building up the sexual tension. They make their way out to the front grill of the car, kissing and stripping out of their boiler suits. Sam bends Seth over the bonnet and sticks his long tongue up his cute little arse, ready for a good fucking. Keeping him bent over he positions up behind him and pushes his thick cock into him, Seth grabs onto the grill for stability and takes every inch of Sam again and again. Seth pushes back and presses his face into the long nose of the car.. View How We Roll - Sam Barclay, Seth Knight hd as completely free. Gay xxx How We Roll - Sam Barclay, Seth Knight video. PornStar - Seth Knight. Sam Barclay.
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