Jos Alvarez Fucks Richie West After Sucking His Cock

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Description: But Jos isn’t done with Richie yet, capturing that cock in his mouth one more time and running his wet tongue up to Richie’s tight ass as he rims it and then he climbs on the bed with Richie to 69. After they both give and receive for a while, Jos is ready to stick his dick in Richie’s other hole as he moves that cock from Richie’s mouth to his tight ass, slowly pushing into Richie as that ass tightens around his throbbing dick. Jos fucks Richie in different positions, taking that ass from behind and letting Richie ride his hard dick. But fucking Richie’s tight ass raw and deep makes it hard for Jos to hold back his cum and when he can’t do it anymore he pulls out and shoots his load onto Richie. Getting on the floor, Jos prepares to receive Richie’s load as Richie kneels on the bed and strokes out his cum into Jos’s open mouth.
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