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Winter Break vol. 1: Player Blues - Jamie Ray, Chase Williams

Duration: 16:18 Views: 6 840 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Jamie Ray and his crew are seniors now; and, it’s finally hitting them all that they won’t get to have fun with all their friends on a daily basis before heading out into the big, bad world. So, they're all planning the perfect guy’s trip during winter break! There’s much to do before the vaca: planning, packing and of course, plowing your super hot hook-up! Jamie’s invited sexy soccer player/boy toy, Chase Hunter over to score one more goal before the guy's getaway. Ray’s a bit worried he and Williams may be cooling off since the ball player declined his winter break invite; so, he’s determined to make this fuck unforgettable! The juicy cocked jock walks into Ray’s room, soccer ball in hand; but, when he sees Ray bare naked on the bed, he tosses his ball down and throws some dick down Jamie’s thirsty throat! Knowing this will be their last hurrah for a while, Williams gets wet and wild on Ray’s willie as well before Jamie jacks his legs up so the high school sports star can score a goal in his hot hole! Chase spreads the blond’s smooth buns and buries his tongue deep in that sweet center.
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